FFTW-2.1.3 for OpenVMS

This package contains a small and simple make file to compile the FFTW-package (version 2.1.3) on OpenVMS systems (VAX and Alpha) and create the FFTW and RFFTW object libraries. Click here to get the zip file which contains everything which is necessary to build the entire package.

If you want to build your own libraries, just set your default directory to [.FFTW-2_1_3] and start the command procecdure VMS_MAKE.COM. Without any parameters, this procedure will build the FFTW-library as well as the RFFTW-library, the test programs and perform all necessary tests to ensure that the compiled package is working correctly. Note that this will take a considerable amount of time - about 50 minutes on a VAX-7820 (the tests take up most of this time).

VMS_MAKE.COM performs the following actions:

If not all of these steps are desired, VMS_MAKE.COM can be controlled by supplying a single parameter when calling the command procedure. This parameter can have the following values:

To use the FFTW and RFFTW libraries, just copy them to a safe place (SYS$LIBRARY is not the best idea since it may be overwritten during the next OpenVMS update operation). Also copy the header files FFTW.H and RFFTW.H (found in the [.FFTW] and [.RFFTW] subdirectories) to a proper place since you have to include them in your C files where you are calling routines from the (R)FFTW libraries.

Compile your source programs using the (R)FFTW functions with an appropriate /INCLUDE parameter (if the header files are not located in you default directory). Link your program with the FFTW.OLB and RFFTW.OLB libraries with a LINK command like this one:


Have fun with the great (R)FFTW routines on the greatest operating system of all (sorry, I could not resist! :-) )!

If you do not want to build the libraries and wait for such a long time, you can use the prebuild FFTW and RFFTW libraries which can be found in the [.VMS_BINARIES] subdirectory. There you will find both libraries for VAX systems as well as for Alpha based machines. Both were compiled under OpenVMS 7.2 on a VAX-7820 and a DEC 2000/500.

17-FEB-2003, B. Ulmann fecit.

P.S.: If you have questions or suggestions, please mail me at ulmann@vaxman.de